Director's Notes

“El Paraíso de Lili” is a group of episodes in the life of Lili Jiménez, a precocious Peruvian girl that questions everything, from god’s existence to her maid’s working status. Ernesto, her only brother is 18 and is a sort of ideological master for her. Lili’s days go by playing basketball -while her friends do the first communion-, or playing in her dollhouse. One day Ernesto decides to leave home, to become a guerrilla, leaving Lili alone to figure things out by herself. The story is set in 1988, in the context of Peru’s worst financial crisis and political upheaval.

I decided to shoot in black and white because it matches my memory of those violent days. This choice also contributes to achieve a certain distance towards childhood, to look at it with nostalgia but without sentimentalism. The scenes in Lili’s dollhouse were shot in color because they represent a sort of escape to a more beautiful world where she can control what happens and the things that people say. A sort of escape from reality but a mirror too.